Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy canals treatment West Meade Dental dentist in Nashville Tennessee Dr. Allison KisnerAlthough root canal therapy frequently receives negative press, this conservative procedure can save a compromised tooth and revive your oral health. A root canal is indicated when a tooth develops an infection, which can be due to dental decay, fracture, or other trauma to the tooth, causing the pulp tissue inside the tooth to die. When this happens, inflammation and pressure build inside the tooth. If left untreated, you risk potentially serious complications, such as an abscess, intense pain, or tooth loss.



With therapy, Dr. Kisner can alleviate discomfort and prevent the need for extraction. Treatment is typically completed in 1-2 appointments. The diseased tissue is removed from the tooth, replaced with a biocompatible material, and then the tooth is sealed off. Another appointment will be necessary to fit the tooth with a custom crown.

Keeping you comfortable is part of our job. Local anesthesia and other sedation options have made having a root canal like any other dental procedure, with minimal discomfort. Most patients feel relief after root canal therapy. Ultimately, therapy allows our patients to have a structurally sound tooth and comfortable smile.