Sedation Dentistry

In our office at West Meade Dental, we do everything that we can to ensure that all of our patients feel comfortable while receiving treatments. We understand that some patients have fear or anxiety around seeing the dentist and receiving dental treatment. Because of this, we do all we can to attend to your specific needs and also offer light sedation dentistry for extra help during more severe treatments.

Sedation Options

If you are someone who would benefit from light sedation during procedures please reach out to our office to speak to Dr. Kisner to see if you are a candidate.

We offer two different light sedation options for our patients including:

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide helps the patient manage pain and handle anxiety during a procedure. Nitrous oxide is administered with oxygen through a dental nose piece that is worn throughout your treatment. Contrary to its name nitrous oxide or laughing gas doesn’t make you laugh, it slows down your nervous system.

Dentists recommend laughing gas because it is safe and effective. While using nitrous oxide, you are aware and fully capable of answering questions and can drive yourself home after treatment because it wears off quickly.


We offer sedation medication, which is a stronger form of sedation, to our patients who need that extra calming. Dr. Kisner will speak with you and determine if you are the right candidate, then will prescribe medication to be taken one hour before your appointment. This form of sedation allows you to be awake during your procedure, but you will feel very sleepy and relaxed.

To use medication sedation, you will need to have someone bring you to your appointment and take you home as you will not be able to drive. You will completely recover from sedation a couple of hours after your procedure.

Give Us A Call

If you believe you or your child would benefit from light sedation during their visits to our office, please come see Dr. Kisner at West Meade Dental here in West Meade, Nashville Tennessee.