How to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? If so, you are not alone. Many people fear the dentist, and this fear can cause serious dental problems as neglecting to visit the dentist can lead to losing teeth, developing gum disease, and other issues. Reducing dental anxiety is something we at West Meade Dental promote to our patients who fear the dentist. Talking with our staff about your worries can take away some of the nervousness you may feel. As this is a common issue with many people, we would like to share some ways to reduce dental anxiety. We hope this information from Colgate about treatment options will alleviate your dental fears.



Sometimes all you need to reduce the anxiety you feel at the dentist is some sort of distraction during your exam or procedure. Listening to music through headphones and watching television are great ways to distract yourself during your dental appointment.


The biggest reason people fear the dentist is pain. Telling our staff about your issues with pain allows us to give you proper pain management during your visit. We have a wide variety of handling pain with different medicines and techniques so that you will never be in pain during your visit. These pain management tools include topical anesthetics, laser drills, electronic anesthesia, and nitrous oxide.


At West Meade Dental, our staff is very experienced with assisting patients in relaxing. We use several relaxation techniques including deep breathing, guided imagery, and progressive relaxation. Our patients generally have success with one of these ways to relax and to reduce their dental fears, which makes their appointments go much smoother.


For some patients, sedation is a necessity during dental visits. Whether they have experienced a painful dental visit in the past or they simply fear the dentist, these patients need sedatives such as Valium to feel calm and relaxed during their appointments. Valium relaxes the central nervous system and can be necessary to reduce certain patients’ dental anxiety.


A technique that can create a state of relaxation, hypnosis is very similar to meditation. If you have serious dental fears, seeing a therapist to learn self-hypnosis methods can be extremely beneficial. If you have problems with being able to use these techniques yourself, some therapists will come with you to your dental visits to assist you with this method of relaxation until you can master these skills on your own.


Since dental anxiety is such a common issue, it is easy to find support groups in your community for those who suffer these anxieties. Of course, support groups will provide you with emotional support, but you generally will also learn coping skills as well as practical tips for reducing your dental fears. To find a dental anxiety support group, ask our staff to refer you to a group that will best help you conquer these fears.

Want to learn more about how to reduce dental anxiety? Contact West Meade Dental to speak with our staff about how we can relieve your fears.

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